Why Do Doctors Recommend Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot Shoes improve your foot posture, provide more space and flexibility, and reduce stress on your feet, leading to better whole-body health and stronger muscles.  



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Unlike conventional shoes, ProRunner™ work with your feet rather than against them. They respect the natural anatomy of your foot, giving you the freedom to move as nature intended.


Perfect Fit & Non-slip Grip

Experience the natural barefoot feeling with every step in these shoes - perfect for intense workouts, hiking, running, and everyday life. With a perfect fit and a non-slip sole, the ProRunner™ shoes provide all-day comfort and enhanced motion control.

Waterproof Design & Ultimate Protection 

The elevated toe caps offer you optimal protection and ensure that you can wear your ProRunner™ on any surface without any issues. The water-resistant design makes them the perfect summer shoe that you'll soon not want to miss.

Health-enhancing & Posture-improving

Barefoot shoes naturally align your body, train vital muscles, and reduce back, hip, and neck pain. These shoes effectively minimize joint stress, thuslowering injury.

Unlock Greater Foot Health and Posture

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Uncover the Top 5 Reasons Why 100,000+ Customers, Elite Athletes, and Doctors Choose Our ProRunner™ Barefoot Shoes

✅ Natural Movement: 👣 Our Barefoot Shoes emulate natural foot movements, offering you a unique blend of comfort and health. 

✅ Posture Improvement: 🚶‍♂️Designed to improve posture, they're an effective solution for back, hip, and neck pain. 

✅ Invest in Health: 🌈 Not just footwear, but a step towards better overall health. Invest in your well-being today with our Barefoot Shoes. 

✅ Muscle Training: 🏋️‍♀️With every step, they help in training your vital foot and leg muscles. 

✅ Adventure Ready: 🏞️🏋️ Their non-slip, waterproof design makes them perfect for any outdoor adventure or intense workout. 


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ProRunner™ Barefoot Shoes

"I'm in love with these shoes! Lightweight, super comfortable, and perfect for my daily walks. Plus, my foot pain is finally gone. Thank you!"

- Dane K., Nebraska ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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The Most Comfortable & Natural Shoes Ever!

Experience the sensation of barefoot running or walking while your feet are protected by our shoes. Feel the ground beneath, train more muscles, and improve your balance.


Enjoy Healthier Feet & the Benefits of Barefoot Shoes

Revolutionize your running style with ProRunner™ barefoot shoes - perfect for natural comfort. They promote a natural running style and improve posture and balance. The lightweight, flexible design minimizes stress on joints and reduces the risk of injury and falls.

Keep Your Feet Fresh & Dry During Sports

ProRunner™ shoes keep your feet cool, dry, and healthy thanks to breathable fabrics and a ventilated sole.

Enjoy these Advantages of ProRunner™ Barefoot Shoes

Enhanced Balance & Posture

They allow your feet to move more naturally and freely, which positively impacts balance and posture.

Improved Proprioception & Agile Movement

Barefoot shoes improve your proprioception (depth perception) and allow fewer restrictions for you to move faster and more agilely. They are generally lighter and more flexible than traditional shoes.

Strengthened Foot Muscles

Barefoot shoes strengthen foot muscles and prevent injuries as your feet have to work harder.

Improved Circulation

Embrace ProRunner™ Barefoot shoes for an enhanced blood flow to your feet. This increased circulation not only keeps your feet warm but also helps to promote healthier skin and faster healing of any minor foot ailments.


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FAQ: Your Barefoot Shoes Questions Answered! 

Are barefoot shoes suitable for everyone?
Yes, barefoot shoes are suitable for all age groups. People with certain foot problems should consult their doctor or physiotherapist before using barefoot shoes.

What is the difference between barefoot shoes and normal shoes?
Barefoot shoes are designed to support a more natural movement of your feet, thereby strengtheningyour foot muscles and generally promoting a healthier posture
In contrast, normal shoes are often very rigid and do not support natural foot movement. They also push them into an unnatural position, which can lead to health problems in the long term.
How do I care for my barefoot shoes?
They can be cleaned with a soft brush or a damp cloth. It is also important that you let them air dry instead of putting them in the dryer.
Can I also wear barefoot shoes for sports?
Yes, barefoot shoes are also suitable for sports. They can even help improve your performance as they allow a more natural movement of your feet, thus strengthening your muscles.
How can I wash the barefoot shoes?
Machine or hand wash cold, use mild detergent, do not bleach, do not iron, do not use fabric softener, do not dry clean.
Are ProRunner barefoot shoes also available in stores?
Currently, all of our ProRunner barefoot shoes are only available online. However, multiple physical locations across the US are planned from February 2024 and will likely be officially announced at the end of 2023.
Which size should I choose?


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Customer Reviews

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J Payne
Best Barefoot Shoe

The most comfortable barefoot shoes I have worn. All my other shoes have gone by the wayside!

Jeff R.
Perfect for what I need

I wear these shoes all the time on the beach where I like to workout. I'm always finding small, sharp objects like broken glass within the area I train and with these stylish and comfortable shoes I'm able to do my thing without worrying where I step. I've had plantar fasciitis issues in the past and am happy to say that pain has not been present while wearing these shoes. Style, function, cost... everything about these shoes is a winner!

Tommie Silva
Barefoot shoes

I have other barefoot shoes similar to my coozits, but these really feel like im walking barefoot

Bettina N.
Amazing Shoes

"ProRunner Barefoot Shoes have been a game-changer! Never felt such freedom and comfort in a shoe before. My workouts have improved dramatically!"

Dane K.
These Shoes Are Lightweight

"I'm in love with these shoes! Lightweight, super comfortable, and perfect for my daily walks. Plus, my foot pain is finally gone. Thank you!"